Brian Peters Traditional Songs and Music from England
Anglophilia (2006): PUGCD 006




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“A cornucopia of music played on Anglo-concertina” is how Brian described this CD, recorded after requests from concertina aficionados. An eclectic collection of instrumentals including English dance music, slow airs, ragtime, and Peters’ original compositions, interspersed with songs ranging from traditional to Beatles and Music Hall.  Arrangements are deliberately simple, Brian’s concertina played either solo or occasionally with guitar accompaniment, and there are two settings for multiple concertinas with Paul Walker of The Rising Sun Band.

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Kissing Stones / The Spud-Spattered Piper / Go Away Miss Ashton
Farewell Manchester
Chips And Fish
The Northern Lass
Nymph / Babes in the Wood / The Black Cat Piddled in the White Cat’s Eye
Turk’s March / Tom Fowler’s Hornpipe
Things We Said Today
Winder Minuets
The Entertainer
The Peasant / The Celebrated Quadrille / Matthew Briggs
Adieu My Lovely Nancy
Morris Tunes: Old Mother Oxford / Young Collins / Trunkles
The Tankard of Ale
Dallas Rag
Vive La Bagatelle/Bachelors of Every Nation/Double Lead Through
Sweet Sorrow

“A richly-varied selection that reflects both Brian’s seriously eclectic musical personality and his gleeful propensity for taking on challenging musical assignments. This superb release really ought to enjoy a broad appeal outside the cloistered confines of the concertina cabal.”

“A masterclass in taking the Anglo beyond its usual boundaries .… a serious musician’s album which could become a lodestar for the concertina brethren.”
The Living Tradition

“Another superb CD from Mr. Peters. He seems to explore more and more of what that little box can do. For anyone who thinks the anglo-concertina is an instrument with limitations, I beg you to get this CD.”
Folk Northwest

“Possibly the first CD devoted to exploring the limits of this instrument. An important contribution to concertina consciousness.”

"Brian throughout this CD shows his ability with the Anglo and its content is interesting, with a variety of music, changes of style and absolutely superb arrangements.... It is players like Brian who are pushing Anglo playing forward.... All in all outstanding playing and content, my suggestion would be to buy it."
Alan Day (compiler, Anglo International)