Brian Peters Traditional Songs and Music from England
The Beast In The Box (1998): PUGCD 003
Another release focussing on the squeezebox, including many Northern English tunes, several Peters originals and a smattering of songs. Nancy Kerr contributes some superb fiddle and viola, Jenny Coxon adds hammered dulcimer to several tracks, and Rocky Mountain Ploughboys Dave Pope and Bonz help out too.  The final track gets a radical ‘trance’ arrangement, with sampled and sequenced rhythms behind hypnotic melodeon riffs!

"Those seeking to find out more about the melodeon will find few masters to equal this one.... An exceptionally good album"
Folk on Tap
Mr. James Knowles / Snake Pass Hornpipe Mayday / Miss Twentyman's
Delight / Down With The French

New Railroad
The Spiral Staircase / The Squall / Royal Burlesque Hornpipe
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
Nantwich Fair / The White Petticoat / The Recruiting Officer
The Charming Fair / What You Will
Hojby Schottische / Mats Eden's Schottische
October Song
Double The Cape / Rusty Gully Studentenmarch
Jack's Alive / Old Fluz / Duke
William's Hornpipe
Working On A Pushboat
The Crystal Wedding / The Heart
Aches For Home

The Four Seasons / The Silly Season

The Beast In The Box



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