Brian Peters Traditional Songs and Music from England
Beggars’ Banquet
Brainchild of musician, storyteller, graphic artist and magazine editor extraordinaire Raymond Greenoaken, Beggars’ Banquet set out to prove that the Rolling Stones always were essentially a folk band.  Enlisting the help of Patrick Walker and Brian Peters, both established folk musicians with an unfortunate habit of getting mixed up in weird and wonderful kinds of music from all points on the spectrum, Raymond put together the acoustic trio of multi-instrumentalists and singers to embark on the unusual, not to say bizarre, quest of plundering the Stones’ psychedelic period of the late 1960s, which saw recordings such as the memorable LP that gives the band its name.  Combining left-field and quirky versions of several hits of the day - The Last Time, Jumping Jack Flash and Little Red Rooster - with daring acoustic interpretations of more obscure songs such as Dandelion, 2000 Man and Child of the Moon, the band has gained a handy following in the Sheffield area.  Unfortunately Patrick is planning on a mover to Croatia at the time of writing, so who knows when the Beggars will set out once more to prove that what Jagger and Richards needed all along was a banjo and an accordion.