Brian Peters Traditional Songs and Music from England
The Moving Moon (Brian Peters & Gordon Tyrrall, 2001): GAHO 03
Second album by the duo, with plenty of traditional songs, some lively sets of tunes, and imaginative reinterpretations of Dylan and the Stones.  No overdubs, no guest musicians, just Brian and Gordon getting down to it.

"A combination of two musicians whose credentials and musical integrity are
magnetic.... A magical album"
English Dance and Song

“Peters and Tyrrall have an effortless grasp of musical dynamics that enables them to rock like buggery when the opportunity arises, and to draw out the sweetest nuances from more reflective material “ Stirrings
High Barbary
The Santa Fe Trail
Reels: The Price Of A Pig
Long A-Growing
The Hang Of It All
The Moving Moon
The Green Willow Tree
Iron Legs//Manage The Miser
The Crockery Ware
The Wild Rover
Jigs: Trip To The Pantheon set
It's Not Dark Yet
Hornpipes:The Kirkgate set
The Last Time

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The Moving Moon



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