Brian Peters Traditional Songs and Music from England
Lines (2001): PUGCD 003
Classic English traditional songs and several big ballads, including Brian’s reworkings of Hind Horn, Sir William Gower and the epic Young Hunting.  Plus a good crop of instrumentals, with tunes from Northern England and new compositions, such as the beautiful Garden Off The Green.  Nancy Kerr plays fiddle.

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The Rambling Blade
The Sidewinder / The Magic Tomato / Captain Cook's
The Gypsy Laddie
Polly On The Shore
Prince of Cabourg's Hornpipe / Brown's Hornpipe
Cefn Coed Polka / The First Of August / Caepantywyll
Sir William Gower




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Hind Horn
Double Jeopardy/Hatters' Delight
Betsy Bell / Rattle and Roll /
Scornful Nancy
Jack The Jolly Tar
Young Hunting
The Bouncing Bomb / Dark Peak Polka / Up In The Night
The Garden Off The Green
The Derby Ram

Among the things you can depend on is the quality of Brian Peters' records.  No-nonsense performances of big powerful songs are his hallmark.  Where else but a traditional song (Young Hunting in this case) would you find a line like "I have a dead man in my bower, I wish he were away"?  For that matter, few other ballads need "four divers bold" to recover the departed, since in those days, bodies could usually be relied on to wash up at bonnie mill dams of their own accord.
There are, of course, lots of squeezebox tunes featured and he wrote no fewer than eleven of them.  They're a lot of fun.  The Garden Off The Green is a rare and highly-attractive pause for reflection, in what is otherwise most definitely not a chillout album.
Nick Beale, fROOTS

“What makes this recording so satisfying is its variety.  On
Lines Brian Peters cements his reputation as one of the finest box players around…  he also shows himself to be one hell of a guitar player.  Peters is one of those performers who really brings out the nuances of a good tale.  Lines proves to be a thorough showcase for the talent of Peters, who once again emerges as one of the English folk tradition's finest guardians."
Rootsworld (USA)

There has been - at least on the English scene - a general drift away from the ballad proper in recent years. Not so for Brian. He'll rarely let an audience off without a meaty ballad to chew on.  Young Hunting is a savage, unflinching narrative of twisted passion, murder and brutal retribution. You either love this sort of thing or recoil from it. When performed by a master, there's no more compelling experience in folksong; and this is a masterful performance.  So, Brian Peters continues to plough his own furrow, indifferent to the modish novelties that so often pass for innovation nowadays. He does what he does, and just keeps on getting better.
Raymond Greenoaken, Stirrings