Brian Peters Traditional Songs and Music from England

“A man of considerable talent; a singer with a relaxed yet compelling style, one of the country's finest melodeon players,
a concertina player of repute, and an accomplished guitarist.”
Baz Parkes, English Dance & Song

“Not only a top-notch singer and player, but also one of the best-researched performers currently doing the rounds…
a master of his several crafts”
Gordon Potter, The Living Tradition

“A singer, guitarist and melodeon player of rare ability... one of the very best performers in the field of English traditional song and music”
Steve Winick, Dirty Linen (USA)

“The highlight of the festival for many participants…. his musicianship, vocal ability, expertise and humour impressed us all….
standout performance in the final concert”
Tricia Lee, A.D., Auckland Folk Festival

“His playing is inventive and without fault, his vocals are strong and evocative, and his stage patter holds your interest
while you are holding your sides. This guy is bloody good”
Enda Kenny, Folk in Victoria (Australia)

“Peters presses all the right buttons… this is another cracker from this outstanding performer…
a great set of flesh-and-blood English folk from a master of his craft.”
Oz Hardwick, R2

“I would recommend this CD to anyone who wants to hear traditional songs performed by a master of story-telling, or to hear some new tunes performed by one of England's acknowledged masters of the melodeon and anglo”
Mary Humphries, Mardles

“No singer outside Nic Jones and Martin Carthy has embraced the tradition and used its wellsprings in as vivid and ingenious a way”

“Really excellent songs, performed to a high standard…. Magnificent instrumental playing”
Paul Burgess, The Living Tradition

“I have a new ballad hero: a man who sings these vivid tales as though he read them in this morning's headlines, a man who loves the ballads and sings with passion. The album is a corker… terrific choice of songs, spot-on vocals, varied and immaculately played backings”
Roy Harris, The Living Tradition

“Some of the tastiest guitar, accordion, and concertina accompaniment we've heard on this side of the pond in some time!
Brian conveyed an obvious love for music of many sorts, and a great ability to get others enthused about it too.
Everything I saw and heard directly, and everything students and other staffers have said,
confirmed that he made a huge contribution to this year's Vocal Week, and was a pleasure to work with."
Flawn Williams, Augusta Heritage Center, West Virginia, USA

“An outstanding singer, musician and teacher with energy and passion”
Simon Kravis, former A.D., Australian National Folk Festival

“A singer with a long and distinguished track record… this is really good and you should buy it.... absolutely bloody gripping”
Nic Beale, fRoots

“Brian is a consummate musician (squeezebox, guitar, you name it!) and excellent singer, but also a thorough and committed researcher with a keen eye for detail and an uncommon amount of good sense and taste…. one of the most genuinely entertaining folk albums I’ve heard in a long time.”
David Kidman, Netrhythms

“He uses dramatic vocal, instrumental and physical skills to engage the audience and, with passion, analogies and jokes, this presentation is never dry. He is standing on the shoulders of giants, and he is certainly amongst their company. A great night.”
Mike Wild, Stirrings

“Marvellous work…. it says a lot for his skills and enthusiasm that I lapped it up from beginning to end without noticing that over an hour had flown away. This is ballad singing as it should be done.”
Mick Tems, Taplas

“One of the best English singers and musicians on the club and festival scene”
English Dance and Song

“The event with Brian Peters was one of the highlights of the 2009 Festival for me. It was wonderful and brilliantly entertaining. His playing of instruments and singing was first class. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and, judging from the audience feedback, everyone else did too.”
Lesley Webster, Director, Off the Shelf Festival of Writing and Reading, Sheffield

“A varied and compelling piece of work, encompassing every emotion ever summoned up by the ballad-maker's muse.
Brian knows how to get to the beating heart of these challenging songs, their timeless power and tragic beauty.
Great tunes, great stories, and performances to match.”
Raymond Greenoaken, Stirrings

“I have long admired Brian’s versatility with the Anglo concertina. His playing over the years just keeps on developing,
and he seems to explore more and more of what that little box can do.
For anyone who thinks the Anglo concertina is an instrument with limitations, I beg you to get this CD”
Angie Bladen, Folk North West

“A singer, guitarist and melodeon player of rare ability…. an unusual repertoire, and unusual conviction in singing it…
this is one I will listen to for years to come”
Steve Winick, Dirty Linen (USA)

“One of the English folk tradition’s finest guardians…. among the finest box players around….
he brings out the nuances of a good tale and he’s one hell of a guitar player”
Rootsworld (USA)

“He did a stellar job…. We loved his singing and especially admired the passion and excitement he brings to
contemporary and traditional material.… a wonderful teacher.”
The Woods Camp Summer School, Ontario, Canada

“A splendid and extremely expressive singer, and a fine instrumentalist”
Roots & Rhythm (USA)

“Boy, can this chap play well - bags of rhythm, plenty of feeling for the music“

“Those seeking to know more about the melodeon will find few masters to equal this one”
Folk On Tap

“One of our most inventive, yet integral, folk performers.... completely at ease with whatever he might choose to perform”
Mike Greenwood, Taplas (Wales)

“Brian is one of Britain’s finest concertina / melodeon specialists, and possesses a fine voice to match…
the love of the material fair jumps out of the speakers”
Folk Roundabout

“Considerable and undoubted talent”
Folk Roots (review of Brian Peters’ debut album, 1985)
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