Brian Peters Traditional Songs and Music from England
Sharper Than The Thorn (1996): PUGCD 002
Traditional English songs and tunes, together with a couple of newer songs, original instrumental compositons, and Brian singing in Welsh!  Includes some notable arrangements of Child Ballads, including Lay the Bent, Henry Martin and Kemp Owyne, and features a young Eliza Carthy as well as regular collaborators Gordon Tyrrall, Jenny Coxon and Margaret Peters.

"An album of great depth and beauty, one of the most satisfying traditional English releases I've heard in some time"
Dirty Linen (USA)

Sharper Than The Thorn



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Lay The Bent To The Bonny Broom
The Banks Of Sweet Primroses
Jockey To The Fair / Spoted Borders / The Insomniac
Sheepcrook And Black Dog
Y Pren Ar Y Bryn
Henry Martin
First Chill Of Autumn / Peg Huglestone's Hornpipe / Northern Frisk
Cold Stringy Pie
The Dragoon's Ride
Old Man
Whitehaven Volunteers / The Green Ship / Come Let Us Dance And Sing
Kemp Owyne
The Tapestry / The Mill Race
Stand Up