Brian Peters Traditional Songs and Music from England
Squeezebox, Voicebox (2015): PUGCD 010
Factory Lords
Robinson’s Tune / The Wherligig / I’d Rather
Have a Piece Than a Kiss
Swansea Town
The King Enjoys His Own /Careless
Sally / Old Mrs Wilson
The Wild Rover
The Jolly Waggoner
Chez Tandeau / The Oak Table
John Barleycorn
The focus returns to those squeezy things, with melodeon (9 tracks) and anglo concertina (6 tracks) featured on a roughly equal mixture of song accompaniments and instrumentals.  Emphasis is very much on the English tradition, with many classic songs and plenty of dance tunes, plus Brian’s setting of a bitter industrial ballad, two original compositions, and a four-part Scott Joplin rag.  Sarah Matthews returns to play fiddle, and Margaret Peters contributes several vocal harmonies.

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Love and Whisky / Our Cat / If You Will Not Have Me You May Let Me Go
Our Captain Calls
Moll in the Wad / The Gaubeo / The
Good Thing
The Ghost So Grim
Waddington Tune / Jack Come
Kiss Me / The Triumph
Weeping Willow Rag

Squeezebox, Voicebox



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